Log Homes of Today

Log homes are is what is really great about America and the countryside anywhere. Made exclusively from wood and usually built in the clearing of a wood, on a rise or by a lake, or all three, they make great weekend places. Often they will have been built fairly quickly by only a small group of people and would have been similar to what the first white settlers in America would have lived in. Back then it was crucial to have strong external window shutters to fasten and use to barricade the house in case of an attack by Natives or wild animals such as Grizzly Bears and Cougars. Nowadays shutters are still important because in many areas, wildlife is still a danger to a log home inhabitant.

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Log homes are now much bigger and will often be very open and spacious inside. Usually one large room will suffice for the living and dining room, which will also have a small kitchen area. This room will also have the stairs leading to bedrooms and a bathroom. An open space like this is important because homes built solely from log wood will get very hot if the rooms are seperated too much. If you are living in one during the winter then usually a large fireplace will have been fitted to keep everywhere warm.

Often, Americans will take all their family and relatives up to a log home by the lake for their Thanksgiving celebrations over a weekend. Sometimes the kitchen area will be cut off from the dining room and small window shutters will be used to pass food through. This is the case in my log home. Then everyone sits around, eating too much, drinking beers and watching the football. If the weather is good then we often go for a swim in the lake or sunbathe.

It is also traditional for log homes to be used for hunting lodges. A group of game hunters, looking for deer will drive up to a log cabin in the woods and hunt deer and bear and so on. Often if a hunter has caught a large predator they will have it stuffed and put on display in the log home.